All Aladin Bistro Kebabs are served over a bed of vegetables in a sizzling platter
accompanied with rice and fresh baby spinach and, on the side, a light tomato cream sauce.

Tandoori  Paneer Tikka 13.95
Paneer, Yogurt, Garlic and mild spices

Tandoori Chicken  14.95
Tandoori roasted half Chicken (on the bone)

Kashmiri Chicken Tikka Kabab  14.95
Boneless chicken, Kashmiri Chili, Aladin Garam Masala, Yogurt Marinade

Malai Kabab
Chicken 14.95 or  Shrimp 19.95
Boneless Chicken Breast, Mild Yogurt, Almond Cream  Herbs, Mace

Reshmi Chicken Kabab 14.95
Minced chicken, ginger, garlic

Chicken Mint-Basil Kabab 14.95
Boneless Chicken breast & Thigh, Fresh Mint Basil Marinade

Barrah Kabab (Lamb Chops) 26.95
Baby Lamb Chops, Yogurt, Cardamom, Cloves

Gilafi Seekh Kabob 16.95
Minced lamb, garlic, herbs

Tandoori Salmon 16.95
Wild Salmon with Yogurt  marinade.
“Surf N’ Turf “ 20.95
Combination Tandoori kebab platter of meat and seafood.

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