Tropical Mango Salad $6
Mixed Green, Green Mango, Crispy Papadam

Tandoori Salad $7
Tandoori grilled Chicken Mix Green Avocado, Raita dressing

Aladin’s Chopped Salad $6
Cumin Vinaigrette dressing

Classic Mulligatawni Soup | Chicken or Vegetable $5
Yellow lentil soup finished with a lace of coconut milk and black pepper corn

Tandoori Wraps | Chicken Or Vegetable $8
Tandoori grilled kebabs wrapped in Nan Breads with roasted onion pepper and mint chutney

Signature Kathi Roll $7
Paratha Bread wrapped with choice of chicken or Paneer

Masala Curry Bowl $9
Basmati Rice Pilaf Layered with Lightly curried chickpeas , your choice of vegetable or chicken Masala curry,
Shredded Iceberg and seasoned yogurt dressing on top

Aladin’s Lunch Platter $10
A combination of Chicken or Vegetable Curry of the day,
Yellow Lentils ( Bagar Dal ), Spinach and chick peas curry,
Basmati Rice Pilaf, Nan bread and Indian Sweets

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