—-Soups and Salad—-
Tropical Mango Salad 6
Mix Green , Green Mango, Crispy  Papadam

Tandoori Salad
 Tandoori grilled Chicken Mixed Greens, Avocado, Raita dressing 7

Classic Mulligatawni Soup
Chicken or Vegetable  5

Soup of the Day 5


Aloo Tikki Chaat
Spiced potato pattie, Curried chick peas, Yogurt Tamarind chutney   6

Paneer & bell pepper 7 OR potato & peas  5

Artichoke-Scallion Pakoda
Roasted eggplant Tamarind  aioli  7

Dal Poori
Spiced lentil stuffed poori bread, curried chick peas 7

Bombay Bhel
Crispy Rice puffs, Tamarind mint chutney  6

Signature Kathi Roll
Paratha Bread wrapped with choice of chicken or Paneer 7

Manchurian Cauliflower 6

Andhra Chili Chicken
Stir fried with hot and tangy tomato sauce 8

Mughlai Paratha
Spiced minced mutton and egg stuffed paratha bread 6

Coconut & Pepper Shrimp
Smoky black pepper, mustard seeds, Chutney – Mayo 8

Tandoor Grilled Scallops
Masala crusted, Roasted eggplant  sauce 10

Achari Chicken Tikka
Mint chutney 8

Ramp Kulcha
Extremely seasonal, locally foraged Ramps (Wild Leeks) Handmade into Pesto and stuffed in Nan bread 5

Paneer 4
Parmesan & Onion 4

Spinach & Cottage Cheese 4

——-Tandoori & Griddled Breads——-

Naan | Plain, Garlic, Onion  or jalapeno  3

Paratha | Plain or Potato-stuffed  4


Cumin-Scented Potatoes 6Bagar Dal   ½  Order  6   Full Order  11

Yellow lentil flavored with Cumin, Curry leaves, Fresh Garlic and Dry ChiliPlain Rice 3 Raita | Cucumber, Bhoondi or Okra 3

Chutneys | Sweet Mango or Hot Mix Pickle 3


Goan Seafood Curry
Shrimp, Scallops & Fish of the Day 16.95

Prawn Varual
Fennel, Red onion, Fresh Coconut and Curry leaves. 19.95

Bengali Fish Curry
Lightly curried fish with Tomato and Eggplant 16.95

Parsi Halibut
Steamed in Banana leaves, Coconut, Cilantro & Sesame paste 21.95

ALADIN’s Paella
Our version of Valencian Cooking with an Indian touch.
Basmati Rice, Saffron, Chicken, Shrimp Calamari and Scallops. 16.95—-Meat, Game & Poultry—-

Dahi Dhaniya Chicken
Bay-leaf infused white chicken curry with yogurt and cilantro.  15.95

Methi Chicken
Currywith tomato onion, dry fenugreek and a hint of yogurt 15.95

Duck Chettinad
Tandoor grilled Masala crusted duck breast, spicy pepper corn –coconut sauce,
Tamarind and curry leaf. 17.95

Aladin’s Steamed Lamb Shank
Clove & Nutmeg Saffron-infused Yogurt sauce  .16.95

Signature Lamb Dampak
Tender Lamb cubes cooked in a sealed copper vessel. 16.95

Rogan Josh
Traditional Tomato curry with a hint of Yogurt | Lamb / Goat  16.95

Chicken Tikka Masala  |  16.95 


Dal Makhni   11.95
Whole black lentils cooked to a creamy perfection infused with “Aladin” garam masala

Baingan Bharta  12.95
Charcoal grill minced Eggplant, Mint, Cilantro Red Onion

Choley  11.95
Curried chickpeas flavored with roasted cuminKarari  Bhindi   12.95
Crispy okra with red onion, cilantro and green  chilli 

Kadai  Paneer Toufu    12.95
Stir fried cottage cheese with onion, bell pepper and sundried tomato 

Malai Kofta 12.95
Mix vegetable Dumpling in a creamy almond sauce

Paneer Tikka Masala  13.95
Marinated paneer cubes in a mild tomato cream sauce

Diwani Handi 13.95
Spicy Eggplant, Carrot, Green Bean & Pea Stew, Peanuts, Yogurt, Fenugreek & onions

** All The Vegetable dishes are available in a ½  order as a side portion @ $ 8.99**

—-Dum Biryani—-
A time-honored Mughal rice dish, slowly baked in a Handi

Jackfruit /Vegetable
Potatoes & Whole Spices 13.95Shrimp
Tomatoes, Coconut Milk & Cilantro 19.95

Ginger, Garlic, Yogurt, cardamom, Mace & Saffron 16.95

Ginger, Yogurt, Cardamom & Saffron. 15.95

—-Classic Curry—-
Chicken 15.95 | Lamb/Goat  16.95|  Shrimp 19.95 | Fish 16.95 |  Vegetable 12.95 | Paneer / Tofu 13.95

Creamy, Almond-based Gravu with a touch of Saffron

Spinach Greens with Onions, Mildly Spiced and Flavored with Fenugreek

Medium-to-hot gravy tempered with Mustard Seeds, Curry leaves and finished with Coconut milk

A fiery combination of freshly roasted and ground spices and condiments from Goa cooked with Potatoes

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